XP Plus Radiator

CH-XP Plus Radiator

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The model is controlled by means of intuitive menus, making it extremely user friendly. Prices at the bottom of the page.

SAFETY: It has a keyboard locking device to avoid its use by non-authorised persons or children.

PROGRAMMING: The programming feature enables the setting of six operating time zones for every day of the week, which can be displayed, or memorised, differently at any given moment. The system comes with standard operating time zones that can be customised to suit the user’s needs. This allows different times and different temperatures for each day of the week if required.

INSTALLATION: The XP Plus heater feeds of a 230 V mains, and can be fitted in both single and triple phase installations.

  • Lighted operation switch.
  • Safety heat limiter.
  • Side twin cover.
  • With weekly chronothermostat.
  • 330W to 1430W power.
  • 10 Year manufacturers warranty on radiator body
  • 2 Year manufacturers warranty on electronics 
  • Comes with wall bracket kit
  • Injected aluminium frame with white Epoxy finish, weather and corrosion proof.
  • 1” metal-clad electrical resistor, made of AISI-304 stainless steel tube, low energy and maximum heat efficiency.
  • FARHOIL high temperature, thermal fluid with a resistance -40ºC to 330ºC range, high heat conducting capacity and low vapour pressure, which has been specially developed to obtain maximum performance.

Technical Specification and recommended retail prices - Exc VAT

Click here for more performance and technical information (pdf)

XP Plus Radiator
MODELPOWER (W)HEIGHT (MM)WIDTH (MM)DEPTH (mm)R.R.P. (Discount already applied)
XP PLUS-3 330 590 370 95 £324.00
XP PLUS-5 550 590 530 95 £381.00
XP PLUS-7 770 590 690 95


XP PLUS-9 990 590 850 95 £493.00
XP PLUS-11 1210 590 1010 95 £536.00
XP PLUS-13 1430 590 1170 95 £584.00

Technical Information

The radiator fluid is heated through a resistance inside the radiator bringing the temperature of the fluid to 80ºC. Based on tests done to calculate the curve above, it will take around 50 minutes of electrical consumption for the 11 fin radiator to reach the target temperature of 80ºC. Once the fluid inside the radiator is up to 80º C and taking into account the special technical characteristics of the aluminium and the compliance testing, the radiator will have an approximate output of 150 Kcal/hour, 627 kJul/hour or 174.7 w/hour of heat per 110w capacity fin.  This means high heat output but low energy consumption.

This heating output capacity was calculated in accordance with EU Standard Norma UNE 9.015-83 by the AENOR, a Standards Authority based in Spain. In the case that a system or fluid is only able to perform a 50ºC thermal jump, the heat output would be reduced considerably.

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