Dimplex Quantum Storage Heaters


 Designed and developed by Dimplex in house team of experts and manufactured in their factory in Northern Ireland

 Quantum is up to 25% cheaper to run and uses 20% less energy than comparable static storage heaters.

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 Technologically advanced, incredibly simple

Smart and intuitive, the Quantum Energy System delivers electronically controllable heat to precisely match the user’s lifestyle. Users can adjust heating levels manually or select a fully automated set of preset programmes. Quantum takes care of the rest.

 User Control

  • Can manually adjust heat levels via the easy to use, built in electronic interface with LCD display.
  • Advance/menu/back buttons and rotary ‘click’ selector
  • Choose from preset programmes such as ‘Holiday’ and set then forget, as the Quantum system takes over.

 Quantum Control

  • Intelligently monitors weather and usage patterns, learning from them, adapting and delivering heat accordingly.
  • Works seamlessly with the grid, utilising off peak tariffs whenever possible to minimise user costs and maximise efficiency.
  • Closely follows target room temperature, intuitively adjusts settings to maintain this within fractions of ºC
  • Responds quickly to changing climate and room temperature conditions and alters configurations automatically.