Nova White & Chrome Towel Rail


CH-Nova White Towel Rail

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The Nova model is the most economical of our towel warmer range. Prices at the bottom of the page

In addition to its unbeatable heat capacity and low energy consumption, is its greater versatility: a design that provides greater capacity, improved user friendliness and, as always, the great ease with which it can be fitted.

Especially designed for greater use, it boasts increased capacity as a result of a more rational distribution of its heat strips.

The Nova towel warmer is the perfect solution to make the most of the space available, thus enabling you to increase your home comfort.

The Nova towel warmer works off a single phase 220-230v-50hz mains supply and must be connected to same by means of a lead that meets the prevailing electrical regulations.

It is fitted with a thermostat to maximise comfort, which once it has been switched on enables the operation of the towel warmer for the first eight minutes. Thereafter its operation can be controlled to meet your particular needs.

This control enables, among other things, adjustment of the temperature and operating modes (programming, comfort, night and anti-freeze) with its indicators, forced heating (which obliges its used for two hours) with its own on/off indicator.

Moreover, as with all our products, its maintenance matches its fitting for simplicity. The mere wiping with a cloth dipped in alcohol will keep it permanently clean.

Nova towel warmer, a smart solution to bathroom heating.

Technical Specification and recommended retail prices - Exc VAT

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NOVA WHITE 800 1150 540 40 £
NOVA LITTLE WHITE 500 810 540 40 £


NOVA CHROME 800 1150 540 40 £
NOVA LITTLE CHROME 500 810 540 40


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