Economy 10 – Low-Cost Heating

To match the efficiency of your new  21st Century Heating system you need an electricity tariff that can save you money.

Economy 10 gives the user an attractive low-cost tariff and has been developed for homes with an electric-only power supply. The low-cost times can vary across the country but are generally set for:

  • Early morning: 4.30am – 7.30am
  • Mid afternoon: 1pm – 4pm
  • Evening: 8.30pm – 12.30am

The benefits of Economy 10 are:

  • Specifically developed for modern energy-efficient electric heating systems.
  • Only one meter installed in each property.
  • In addition to heating and hot water, all the electricity used at low-cost times is charged at the lower rate (such as washing machines, dishwashers, tumble dryers etc).
  • Only one energy bill for the occupier.
  • As part of our service we can advise and assist you in changing over to the E10 tariff.

Click here to download Economy 10 information