Designer RCE

500 watt – 1500 watt

The precision temperature control and effective heat output of the designer RCE helps you to reduce your fuel consumption without affecting comfort levels.

The versatile RCE range can form part of an integrated system or work as a stand alone unit wherever you want extra heat. They are easy to install, using template provided, you simply screw the bracket onto the wall next to a wall socket, slot the radiator onto the bracket and plug in.

The built in digital programmer allows you to control the temperature in each room according to the needs of its occupants or changes in external conditions.

And as with all of Designer Radiators range, the RCE is an attractive addition to any interior. Its unobtrusive shape and styling allow it to blend in with its surroundings and its clean technology means no staining to walls or carpets.

  • 5 Heater sizes
  • Outputs 500 watt – 1500 watt
  • 3 Year manufacturers electronic warranty
  • 10 Year manufacturers warranty on block seal 




RRP ex VAT (Discount already applied)

RC 06 E

750 w

593 x 580 x 94


RC 08 E

1000 w

751 x 580 x 94


RC 10 E

1250 w

909 x 580 x 94


RC 12 E

1500 w

1067 x 580 x 94


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